Cincinnati Sculptures three, the sculpturing.

Cincinnati Sculptures three, the sculpturing.

this one really freaked me out, and got my attention ( I am, of course, referring to the creepy stalker breath chandelier, not the beautiful, yet unknown trees whos pictures I am also including in this post.) The name of this piece is “untitled”, and I had NO idea it made creepy heavy breathing sounds when you walk underneath it.
So as I was trying to get a decent picture of it, I tensed up frowned, and got ready to try and beat the crap out of a creepy stalker. Luckily for me, it was the chandelier, as I would have probably be on the losing end, and the police would have been involved, but trust me, I was totally ready to lay the smack down *cough*
Anyway it was created by an artist from Austria named Werner Reiterer, as previously stated, it is a large chandelier, that apparently lights up. during the day, it breathes in, and during the night, it breathes out.
I am not entirely sure what the artist is trying to say…. Maybe something about safety in urban areas, maybe how innocent noise can be precieved as threatening, or maybe he just wanted to scare the crap out of some people. I don’t know.


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Cincinnati sculptures part deux

Cincinnati sculptures part deux

I really really loved this bronze fish statue McCormick & Schmick’s, but as far as I can tell, this is a very very fancy sign for a fancy fish restaurant. Other than proclaiming “FISH MAY BE EATEN HERE” I can’t really see any higher meaning behind it. Although, if the point is to attract interested customers, I suppose it works pretty well

A study in plaster

A study in plaster

I did not enjoy plaster all that much. It got underneath my fingernails and refused to come out. I also had some issues with the thickness of the plaster…… That being said, I’m reasonably happy with it. I might sand it later on, or paint it.


Cincinnati sculptures

Cincinnati sculptures unnamed3unnamed5

photos of sculptures from Cincinnati. more to come


So the sculpture used to be know as the Tyler Davidson Fountain (As Henry Probasco has it built in memory of his late brother in law) and shows the various blessings of water (the woman on top is apparently the representation of water in this case, and the people below are it’s various uses) Also, the small children murdering various wildlife are actually fountains, which you can drink out of (supposedly the water isn’t chlorinated but I don’t want to find out.) there’s also a rumor that it was built on an indian mound but I can’t validate that.


My favorite pieces from the Cincy art museum, part one of three (or more)

My favorite pieces from the Cincy art museum, part one of three (or more)

Ok so I love this one so much for two reasons.
1. They have NO idea who made it, they just found it on some random farm some where.
2. I just Love, Love, Love the texture! I really have a thing about textures, because I do a lot of scale detail with my dragons, and plus it’s just one continuous piece rather than something that was pieced together.


my trip to the cincy art museum

my trip to the cincy art museum

I will tell you guys my favorites later, but for now I’m just going to apologize in advance for the horrible photo quality, and quantity because I was using my brother’s iphone, and he doesn’t have the photo+ app, and is horrible when it comes to sending pics