clay project pictures and reflection



I am pretty happy with how these pieces turned out. Out of the two, I think the thylacine is the biggest success. I’m very happy with how the mouth turned out, and it looks pretty good despite the fact I’m better at glazing than painting,…. The lotus dragon on the other hand, while being mostly a success still could use some work…. I’m pretty happy with the paint job on the lotus it’s self but I think I may have botched the dragon a little.

Although it’s hard to see in the photo above, I actually carved individual scales on the dragon which didn’t stand out very well with such a dark color…. If I had been thinking, I would have used a more dilluted blue (or even water color) on the dragon (which might have collected in between the scales and given them some more definition). 

If I had a little more time (or if I’d been thinking) I would have come in over spring break and grabbed the dragon so that I could have had it glazed, but since I wasn’t 100% sure on the firing schedule at Funke’s there was a good chance it would be late (or maybe I’m making up excuses, either way I’m still kicking myself on that one)

Any who- onto the significance of these pieces. 

I chose to do a Thylacine for two reasons!

1. I wanted a challenge, and most photos of the thylacine feature it with an open mouth, something I haven’t really successfully achieved (Cog the dragon teapot does not count, as it’s more of a teapot opening than a real mouth)


2. I think Thylacines are epic and I want more people to know about them (also I’m secretly hoping they clone and/or find some somewhere on Tazmania (which is possible, look it up) in the near future because I want to see them IRL.

As for the lotus dragon blossom I started out wanting to do something similar to the pangolin project I’m working on. (will post pictures soon) but on a smaller scale and with a dragon…,, and when it started looking like a lotus, I sort of just went with it.  Why did i want to do a dragon related thing? Because I’ve been obsessed with dragons ever since I read dragonolgt as a kid, and dragons are related to Chinese pottery. 


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