My favorite pieces from the Cincy art museum, part one of three (or more)

My favorite pieces from the Cincy art museum, part one of three (or more)

Ok so I love this one so much for two reasons.
1. They have NO idea who made it, they just found it on some random farm some where.
2. I just Love, Love, Love the texture! I really have a thing about textures, because I do a lot of scale detail with my dragons, and plus it’s just one continuous piece rather than something that was pieced together.


Chinese ceramics

dragon pot2 dragon pot(possibly not strictly “chinese” but pretty cool)ImageImageImage


Above is what is sometimes referred to as a dragon kiln. It is a huge underground kiln commonly used by ancient Chinese artists.

Altered perceptions? maybe. Placeholder until I can think of something better

One of the elementary school I went to as a kid (the first one really) had a pair of rooms situated underneath the bleachers. Of the two rooms, we only knew what one of them was for (it was the guidence councillor’s office as well as the place they kept the spare clothes that are always needed at an elementary school) the other was the “monster” door.

School folklore stated it housed a monster/psycho janitor/ ghost of a girl who fell off the bleachers and broke her neck, and as such it was a common past time for kids in the after school program to tie several jump ropes together and try to “catch” the monster (because that’s the sort of things little kids do when confronted with an ominous door under the bleachers you aren’t allowed to mess with) and I, being a bored, unatheletic kid who had nothing better to do on days when we couldn’t go outside, I did it every chance I got, and was occasionally rewarded with the jump rope being yanked out of my hand. 

Now I know it was probably an older kid (or the janitor) messing with me, but at the time I was convinced it was the monster/ghost/psycho.  Which shows how your perceptions change with age. 

There was also the time where a teacher was wearing an unfortunately skin colored shirt that made her look topless from a distance, But I’m not going to elaborate on that one, I’m still too weirded out about it.